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Madelaine Westwood, Director of Nutshell Productions, has been invited to give talks and slide shows at a number of events. So far the talks have taken place in UK and have been extremely well received.

Madelaine Westwood's recent lectures and talks:

  • European Parliament
  • Pan African Sanctuaries Alliance
  • Ape Alliance
  • Primate Society Great Britain
  • Howletts Zoo
  • Wildscreen Wildlife Film Festival
  • Missoula Wildlife Film festival
  • Oxford Brookes University
  • Women On Fire

Previous lecture and talks:

Bristol Festival of Nature.” Can films about great apes, save great apes?” To a packed audience of nearly 150 people, Ian Redmond, UN\UNESCO chief consultant for great apes, and Madelaine Westwood, Director of GAFI, gave a joint lecture, showing clips from a wide variety of films. With the changing nature of filmmaking and media distribution, it is possible to use, what has to be one of the most powerful communication tools we have, to change perceptions, bring information, empower new solutions and support awareness in every country which needs it.

European Space Agency. “The use of satellite images in conservation”. Madelaine Westwood (GAFI) and Joanne Wheeler (ESA) gave a talk on how the new technology allowing us to satellite-track gorillas in uninhabited and remote regions of the world can be used not just by conservationists but can be seen by millions of people globally. We can see and not be seen, record but not disturb the endangered animals we are following.

Filmmakers For Conservation. Great Apes Film Evening. FFC, the only conservation organisation especially for filmmakers hosted an evening for great apes and their conservation to a tv industry, conservation and public audience. The event was sponsored by @Explore in Bristol and was a standing room only occasion. Madelaine Westwood introduced filmmakers from BBC who have recently made conservation programmes on great apes who gave excellent individual talks on the issues and possible solutions to some of the problems facing each species. Ted Oakes, Steve Greenwood and Nigel Pope were also supported by the BBC web design team who had created special sites to enable the television audiences to donate money to save the orangutan, chimps and bonobo.

Madelaine Westwood is willing to give talks and lectures whenever she is able to do so. If you are interested in having Madelaine come to your organisation, educational establishment or fundraising event, please contact her on