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In Production

Invisible Photographer, a 3 x 30mins series reveals what it takes to be one of the worlds top wildlife photographers. Bence Mate has been taking stunning images for most of his young life, still in his twenties he has won the majority of international photography competitions. It is not a simple matter, Bence spends his life submerged in lakes from his homemade submarine, dangling upside down from the canopy, and inventing new devices that completely hide his presence from the wildlife he is so passionate about. The series, produced by Nutshell Productions and Film Jungle, Hungary is directed by award winning director Attila Molnar.
RSPB Corporate: The Great Sparrow Mystery, Julian Pettifer looks at some of the causes as to why house sparrow numbers are declining in our cities and offers some ways to improve their survival chances.

RSPB Corporate: Red Kite Runner (click here to watch video)

RSPB Corporate: Sea eagles: Taking flight (click here to watch video)


The Bike that helps save Gorilla (a GAFI film)